There is something in the necessity of things happening. We wouldn’t be sure to say that it’s worth it, but we can assure it means something to us.
Building not always means long lasting structures. This structures being physical, metaphorical or just means in which each of us try to battle against the futility of meaning itself.
It is then that a structure, by ephemeral in context it may be, continues to build with the hopes of a future that doesn’t exist. One that it might as well will never arrive.
We can rely on saying that the art practice holds it self on te process. However, let us recognise that the ballast in which it holds onto, might be on the personal basis of a common background that struggles against oblivion. In this case, a yet acceptance to context and situations that test each artistic practice to confront the recognition on the other in the means of belonging.
Building as the practice or the drill towards remembrance, of futility of extraordinary weight on the event. This event not as an event that recognises the other and welcomes it. But an event of collision with the moment of recognising the familiar, and leave it in the open for the other one to attempt to dwell upon.