The wonders of the self theories within the expectation of the extraordinary (The day that Ed Ruscha wrote me some lines)

The wonders of the self theories withing the expectation of the extraordinary2

The wonders of the self theories withing the expectation of the extraordinary1

The process:

The orange part is a text that I thought someone wrote while my friend (Charlie) left the postcard un attended.
It was so awesome to think that someone went for it and just wrote someone in someone else’s postcard! I was so exited and ready to send a postcard back to my friend and to my new friend Ed.

But then there was something strange, the green part. I realise that the whole postcard had the same handwrite… so what did that mean? Did Ed wrote the whole postcard?! Did Charlie told him what to write in spanish and then since he was writing already decided to write something?! …..

So, the blue part. I had an old postcard from Charlie, and decided to see if it was the same handwriting… which it would mean that Charlie did write the new one…. but…. who’s Ed? And …. the same handwriting as Charlie?

So…. finally I went into facebook and try to find him. I saw he was a very well known artist so I went to google… it was then when I realised that Ed never wrote me…. Charlie just wrote a quote of Ed Ruscha.

I must say I felt silly…. and sad at the same time. My theory and story was far better and exiting. But I made myself laugh, which is always nice.

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