Drinking a tea meanwhile going out for a walk thinking about the infra-ordinary.


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I took the trash in the apartment, the mug with tea that has written ‘WARSAW’ on the side, scream ‘ahorita vengo’, placed the iPod on my jacket, and left the apartment.
I reached the trash bins. I had to put my tea on the floor to open the door. Went in, and placed the bags inside the first container at hand. Went out, closed the door handle, put the ipod on with Aphex Twin ‘asatsana [102]’, picked the tea, decided which direction to go, and started walking.
I wanted to think about the infra-ordinary. But I repeated more that word in my head than actually thinking about it.
A light in the parking lot was flickering. It was quite nice. I continued walking.
It was only 23h and something, but there was already no one to be seen. Decided to continue where the road was leading. I didn’t feel like taking shortcuts since I didn’t know where I was going. And I decided no to go off track into the trees.
I thought about the sea. I knew it was close, and then I remember the time I was in my apartment in Barcelona looking at the sea form the window (since the city is one direction either down or up, and my apartment was almost on the top floor I could see it from the window in the living room) and decided to just walk a straight line to it. And I did. I walked all straight and reached it. I didn’t went into the sand or into the actual beach. After that I just wondered about and then went back up to the apartment.
I continue walking and reached a parking lot where I could see the sea from a considerable distance, and some lights on the other side of it (since I’m in Espoo and I was looking at Helsinki).
Until that point I haven’t seen anyone on the street, but in the parking lot there was a car leaving. Maybe that made me go right. But either way I decided not to go closer to the sea. I have seen it. I didn’t see anyone in the car that was moving, since I didn’t try to see inside. Sometimes at night, if you don’t pay attention, cars seem to be moving by themselves.
I went right and realize I was going back but in a circle, and that was fine by me.
I continue walking, no one to be seen. I looked at the Christmas lights in the windows. I saw some red and some yellow. I think I saw some blue ones too.
I also looked at the normal lights inside the apartment. I looked at the drapes. And even try to see if I could find a silhouette. Nothing. I kept waling.
At one point I looked to the right trying to recognize something, but no, just trees. And then thought again about the infra-ordinary. Or just the word.
As I continue the feeling of being lost got me. I knew I couldn’t, but there is always the possibility when you try to recognize, and you are unable. I kept waling.
A man appeared in the distance. Walking the opposite direction than me. We crossed paths. I didn’t look into his face. But as he passed me I turned my head to the right to see if he kept walking. And old habit while living in Mexico and walking alone during the night as I was going back to my studio from the bar.
I saw a familiar window, and wondered if it was really the one I knew. It wasn’t. I kept waling.
The road was at every moment turning right, and I knew which road it must have been, but I still wasn’t sure.
There was a tall building on my right and wondered if it’s the one I always pass from the front.
I reached another familiar window, the same one I thought it was before. I kept on walking. This time it was the one I knew.
I reached the street where I always walk on my way from the studio to the apartment.
I saw the bus pulling over on the stop. And then there was around 10 people. I placed my left hand out of the pocket. I held the cup on the right. The tea was almost over.
I passed the stop. Saw the apartment. Finished the tea. Saw a man with a popcorn box. Entered the yard. Took my keys. Open the door. Turned the light one. Climbed the stairs. Reached my floor. Opened the door. Put more water for tea. And finally wrote in the notebook:
The infra-ordinary only exists when someone (or something) makes it visible.

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