I placed more than 6 months ago a fairly dry onion inside a plastic bubble and left it on my desk. It rotten at first but then it started to grew again, it became green and ready to plant, if I decided and wanted to do so. Instead I left it on my desk as I always did. I notices every time I saw it and lifted it it changed, meaning, while it was untouched on the desk it was fine and living a course and growing nice, but if I took it from there, as much as just lifting it it started to go bad, so I left it there and again was going all good, until I touched it again.
One day I went somewhere and decided to take it with me, it was green and nice, at the end after 2 hours I returned it to the desk, but it started then to rotten, and it never got better until today I decided to throw it to the trash, with the bubble and all.