De los males, el menor.

De los males, el menor.
Andrea Coyotzi Borja

Booze was the root of all evil in our family.
Booze wasn’t the root of all the evil in their family, but a necessity within a group without a place in society. As hard as one might want to believe, no one is necessary. The social constructions are base in ideologies hold by principles of hope and beliefs. The everyday is a concept in the means of the fortuity of the quotidian. No one likes to repeat, and everyone is special in its own “particular” way.
We wake up, and decide that today is another day. Today was a tomorrow that wants to escape the yesterday minute by minute in the means of relevance. We are set of to live it by activities but not by desire. We bound ourselves to obligations in the means of transcendence, and we succeed most of the times. But be aware, but time is a cheeky mistress: it can give it all, but it was never yours.
It was those small chances of time when no one is looking and time doesn’t arrest that he couldn’t bear living, or accept in the life he had gotten in the hand of cards. True anxiety comes only when we are out of the possible, when we cannot longer reach for the smallest excuse for meaning. Anxiety is the unavailable, and its best friend is the self-destruction of being.
It is true that ‘anyone may have their own truth’ but that becomes irrelevant when not even the possibility of being in one selfs truth is allowed. I can believe what I choose, want or decide, but the misfortune in the necessity of the other push us back against the ropes in the decision of getting back to the rails, or accept the unavoidable derailment against oblivion within society (hence mental illnesses, alcoholism, handicaps and so on).
Maybe that is why so much weight to history and memory, those will be the only things that we are left with.
De los males el menor, refers to the idea of choosing what is the less bad of all the choices, but at the same time is a rendition to being unable to really choose (if choosing was actually something real).

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