Recording how I post a post in the A one day project.

What has to be done in the moment of action?
What are we going to account for when we are no longer place in the awareness?
We are what makes reality being real, and we cannot ensure it.
We are the reason the clock walks. Without us, there is no time.
Me and I… who knows the difference; who cares the difference.
Language fails to reply when asked.
Reality hides when searched.
Being is word.
Writing is always in the past.
My coffee is getting cold.
This video is taking too long, and going no where.
Where did you think this was going? Did you have expectations?
Of course you had! Now that is gone, and all is left is… disappointment?
Of course you could see how long is the video, that would reassure you…
that would help you to decide if you continue or, just zap away.
Will I be gone when you go away? will I be gone when you stop the video?
Do I even exist? Not for you, not now.
I am nowhere. I’m invented, constructed, by you.
For a second there I says goodbye. But I didn’t.
Have you gone away already?
This is too boring.

This is how a post is made in the A one day project.
This is how a project is made.
And the unavoidable question of… when will it be ready?
When will you close the window?
When when when how how how, what why and blabbering around.

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