On driving toward the wrong direction

I’m driving. At some point I decide to turn, why not? I keep driving. It amazes me that I’m the only one in the road, until suddenly I see a river of cars coming towards me in the opposite direction from where I’m coming. They all must be driving in the wrong direction. As they don’t seem to realize their mistake, I rapidly manage to spot an empty space in the parking space aside the road. I park in that spot and all the cars pass until none pass anymore. While they were passing I turn my head to catch some of the drivers’ eyes looking at me. They seem confused. I see back at them and gesture a kind of “something went wrong but don’t know exactly what”. At that moment I turn the wheel and join the cars in the direction of their flow. At some moment I had realized that I was the one going in the wrong direction and I also realized that I maybe had know that, from the very since before turning in the first place.

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