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Actually, I’m not so much interested in how things look like. It’s much more interesting for me a sort of how they come into becoming. A sort of it’s taking shape process. But also, and even sometimes much more interesting how in it’s becoming, the struggle for in it’s taking shape a discarding of that that won’t take part of the becoming which at the same time by being discarded is as much part of the becoming as the becoming itself. Anyway, it seems so much more intriguing the how of things, the why in the first place, rather than the what they end up being. When I see a building, I’m not so much astonished by how it looks like (sometimes I am though), but by how is it that someone at some point thought of the idea of building somewhere where to live in. By why in the first place did someone thought about creating a something, in this case that a something being a building. Yep, that much I already know about my own excitements in regards of what to say or think about things people do.

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