I wish I was writing this on the typewriter; but I’m not.
Who know’s who’s good at? we all think we are good at something, but… as he might say,
“we are more of that of what we aren’t” and, it’s true. We, in all our heads are more,
of that that makes us going, than what we really accept we are; or what we just are;
or what we are.
After all, in physics wise-talk, we only approximate to that what we are. And also
metaphorically, talking about time, past-present-future we (they say) are never in the present so we aren’t… never. This because present, oops sorry it doesn’t exist.
It’s such a small fraction that we just think it is, but it isn’t. So… physically and
metaphorically… we just approximate to what it is supposed to be of us. If we
are something anyways.