Publishing a short story I wrote a long time ago

Music Erik Satie 6
• A penny for your thoughts
• Do you really have a penny? –– There’s sometimes when I’m thinking of something and the thought is so clear, and I know what I want to say, what I’m going to say, the line of thinking is there, and so I start speaking and everything is being said, the words are there, and I keep going, but in a moment, the next thing is gone, and I know it was there, and I know that I was going somewhere but then it’s… blank, and it’s like if for some reason something is telling me inside “aja?”like telling me “keep going…”but that next tought I had is blank, and I know is there, that is not gone, but maybe it’s waiting for me to comprehend something and that though it’s just there, waiting and at the same time…. Blank.

Silence / Smiles

• Tell me what do you crave to eat? What would you really like to eat?
• I want to eat a fish, a steak fish, I don’t know how you call them, you know like a file of fish, well cook, those that melt in your mouth, with a really nice white wine, vegetables, or something that goes with it so accurately. Is one of those things that doesn’t make you feel full, but it’s so pleasant, the fish, the garnish, the wine, all so slow, all so there. It’s one of those thing that then you just want to kiss someone after in the same way, it’s letting taste and tasting the other one.
Silence / Smiles
Music Muse Feeling Good; Someone throws a penny and the other one says:
• Go fish
Starts the part or the guitar

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